NYE Waterfront Festival – just wow!

Now I’ve just about recovered from the debauchery that was the New Year’s Eve Waterfront Festival, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved – the bands, the crew, the venue, everybody who helped out and each and every single one of you who showed up, danced, drank and went mental to everybody from Royal Gala to Pilgrim Fathers. We sold out before the doors even opened and it was truly an amazing night!

We’re still in the process of counting the collection boxes but it looks like we’ve made about £1500 for SCOPE and NCH, bringing the total raised from both 2012 festivals to £4,000.

We’ll be back in July, so watch this space… and check out the photo gallery for a whole host of pictures (and perhaps to jog the memory of a few of our drunker guests!)